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Konnectlia Helps You...

Build The Marketing Engine

All the tools you need in one platform without having multiple platforms together to accomplish this...


Capture leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, web chat & more!


Automatically message leads via Whatsapp messages, emails, FB Messenger, Instagram DM & more!


Use our built in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!


Transformative Benefits for Your Business

  • Streamline Your Sales and Marketing Efforts
  • Organize and Manage Leads Effectively
  • Create Professional-Looking Forms and Surveys Easily
  • Build Sales Funnels and Websites Without Technical Skills
  • Nurture Leads and Close More Sales with Automation
  • Centralized Communication Management
  • Efficiently Pre-Qualify Leads and Gather Feedback
  • Boost Productivity with Automated Follow-ups and Appointments
  • Mobile App for On-the-Go Management
  • Gain Actionable Insights with Advanced Analytics

Your End-To-End

Funnel Marketing Solution

  • Build funnel with landing pages, forms and webchat
  • Create campaigns with pre-written and automated emails and whatsapp messages
  • Build entire marketing system automated with Work Flows, Campaigns & Triggers
  • Create automated appointments using our calendar booking system
  • Manage all your Communication including Text Messages, Emails, Facebook Messages, Instagram DM’s and Google Chat using Unified Inbox
  • Manage Online Reviews on Google from Mobile App
  • Create Invoices & Collect payments on the go
  • Create estimates & proposals with online signatures
  • Manage your Social Media Content using Calendar and Auto-post tool
  • Understand your complete business performance in Advanced Analytics Dashboard & Advanced Reporting

Konnectlia Features

Unleashing the Power of Comprehensive Automation - Elevate Your Business with Our All-in-One Solution

Reviews Management

Collect, monitor, and respond to reviews from various platforms, such as Google, Facebook, and other review sites.


Communicate with leads and customers directly, answer their questions, and guide them through the sales process.

Unified Inbox

Respond efficiently from your mobile device to messages from webchat, social media platforms, or email.

Payments & Invoicing

Generate professional invoices, send them to your customers, and track payment statuses.

Booking App

Provide your customers with a convenient way to book appointments for consultations or meetings.

Automation Workflows

Create customized automation sequences to guide your leads and customers through the sales funnel.

E-commerce Builder

Create an online store within your website for selling products or services anywhere across the globe.

Loyalty & Rewards App

Grow your local business with repeat customers and increase revenue with digital reward cards.

Proposal & Estimates Tool

Create & send detailed proposal or an estimate and accept digital signatures on documents from clients.

Email Automation

Create automated email sequences based on customer behavior, preferences, and engagement levels.

CRM & Sales Pipelines

 Manage your customer data, track leads, and visualize your sales pipeline stages.

Opportunities & Sales Stages

Define different stages in your sales process and monitor the status of each opportunity.

Analytics & Reporting

Get detailed reports & analytics, such as conversion rates, customer engagement, & revenue performance.

Social Planner

Schedule and publish posts across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, from a single interface.

E-Learning App

Monetize your expertise, educate your audience, and provide value-added resources.

Website Builder

Establish a strong online presence by creating professional and customizable websites without any coding knowledge.

Funnel Builder

Create sales funnels by designing landing pages, upsell and downsell offers, and optimize the customer journey.

Blog Builder

Publish articles, videos, and other media formats, and optimize your blog for search engines.

Surveys & Forms

Create customizable surveys and forms, embed them on your website or send them via email.

Whatsapp Automation

Automate messages, engage with leads and customers, and provide personalized support on Whatsapp.

Video Hosting

Host your videos, make them look great, and grow your viewership, without any need of any expensive platforms.

Community Portal

Set up public groups for wider discussions or private ones for more focused conversations.

Content AI

Create engaging articles, social media posts, and email copies with ease using artificial intelligenece.

Contacts Smart List

Create smart lists based on various criteria, such as  engagement, purchase history, and demographics.

Lead Based Task Management

Assign tasks and reminders based on customer interactions and stages in the sales funnel.

Affiliate Management System

Recruit affiliates, track their performance, and provide them with resources and incentives.

Trackable Link Generator

System records the click & triggers the next step in the workflow when contact clicks on a trigger link in an email.


Discover How Businesses Are Transforming with Konnectlia: Real Success Stories from Our Satisfied Customers

Gunjan Gurav

Konnectlia has been a game-changer for my Vastu consultancy. The automation features, especially the unified inbox and appointment scheduling, have streamlined my client interactions. Now, managing leads and nurturing them through personalized workflows is not just efficient but also a delight. Konnectlia has truly elevated my online presence and client communication.

Gunjan Gurav Owner - Vastu Consultant
Peeyush Shah

Konnectlia has revolutionized how we handle sales and marketing at KPRT Enterprises. From creating professional invoices to managing social media content seamlessly, it's an all-in-one solution that has boosted our productivity. The advanced analytics and reporting provide valuable insights, empowering us to make data-driven decisions for business growth. Highly recommended!

Peeyush Shah CEO - KPRT Entreprises
Pritesh Jain

As the owner of e-CKT House, Konnectlia has simplified my business processes. The ability to pre-qualify leads using surveys and automate follow-up emails has saved us considerable time. The platform's versatility, from building websites to managing reviews, has made it an indispensable tool for our sales and marketing efforts. Konnectlia is a must-have for any small or medium-sized business.

Pritesh Jain Founder - e-CKT House
Ajinkya Dhumma

Konnectlia has been instrumental in transforming how we manage communication at Classes Travels & Tours. The unified inbox allows us to handle text messages, emails, and social media messages from a single platform, making client interactions seamless. The appointment scheduling system has streamlined our operations, ensuring our clients get timely and personalized services. Konnectlia has undoubtedly made our processes more efficient.

Ajinkya Dhumma Founder - Classis Travel & Tour
Poonam Chordiya

At Prisha Travels, Konnectlia has been a valuable asset for managing our online presence. The ability to automate reviews and handle communication through various channels has improved our customer engagement. The social planner and content AI features have made our social media management a breeze. Konnectlia is a comprehensive solution that has positively impacted our marketing strategies.

Poonam Chordiya Owner - Prisha Travel World

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the rules before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to use the following promotional methods if approved for this affiliate program. Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.


1. Don't send Spam or use safe lists of any kind.


2. Cash rebates, cash backs, gift cards or physical product incentives, etc. to people who buy through your affiliate link are not permitted.


3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in any promotional campaign is NOT allowed.


4. Don't misrepresent our product/offer.


5. Affiliates cannot create social media pages, email accounts, or websites with product name or brand name. Anyone found using "brand name", "website name" or "product images" on their Facebook Fan-page or other social platforms to promote the product without permission will be banned immediately.


6. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchase.


7. Vendor reserves the right to terminate any affiliate if found to be breaking any rules and using black-hat marketing practices to drive sales or for any other reason.


8. We are running a legal business. It means that we always showcase and represent only genuine products, their features and advantages to users. We will also request you do follow the same practice. If you are found using inaccurate information, misleading claims or bogus testimonials, or anything that is not in accordance with FTC Guidelines, then your affiliate account will be revoked instantly.


9. We would encourage you to keep away from using the raw affiliate link if you can. You can make the most of ‘Re-direct’ links in emails and website campaigns. And it should not be the direct affiliate link received by you. It will boost conversions for both of us – but the choice is yours!



Always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

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